Sunday, November 8, 2009

Backstage Fun

Last night was a blast! I have to say that much. My bestie really does have a way of making one blond forget all her problems. She performed, and performed, and performed some more! Girl has got more energy than a firecracker! Not like me. It is nearly noon here, and I am barely waking up!

I decided to sit backstage and watch last night. My bestie performed 2 shows. And had a millions costume changes. They have this really cool "quick change" thing set up. It is something like a one man tent, that you would play in as a kid. Her makeup/hair person and stylist were always ready for her. They knew exactly how minutes they had between each change. And exactly what she was going to need. The minute she was off stage, shoes were flying off! And it took all of 2 minutes for a complete costume change. And hair and makeup touch up.

It was a neat thing to see. They are so super organized. And the clothes, jewelry, and shoes that she gets to wear. Wow! Some of the stuff is borrowed from designers. Some is made just for her. And all of it is gorgeous! She had 50 pairs of those shoes with the red bottoms. I don't know what they are called. But I know that they are ridiculously expensive. And the jewelry. The jewelry! She had a bodyguard with her at all times. That is because she was dripping in diamonds.

It made me laugh. He stood right outside of her dressing room while she got ready. Then he walked her from the dressing room, to right off stage. Where the group does a prayer. Then followed the band to the stage. He stood right off stage. The entire time watching her. Then after the 2nd show, the band had to go to a party. The bodyguard went with them. And followed her around the party.

At the end of the night. I should actually say, early this morning, she gave back the jewels. And went back to be her usual self. But this is a nightly thing. Every night that she performs, she has a bodyguard.

It was a fun night. The groups perform amazingly! Now I can see why people pay her what they do. And why so many people want her to record music. But we had a blast. I got to meet a ton of new people. From cowboys to mafia. Las Vegas is a very interesting place! XOXO